Somehow Clothing @ HEK Net Works

videostill, my ladies – HEK Net Works, HD 16:9, audio, 1 : 26 min, 2021

this work reflects on the oscillating connections between virtual space and the real world and explores the influence of technologies and the digital economy on human existence. This most recent work, Somehow Clothing, intertwines the virtual world of avatars and the trade in digital artefacts with performances, videos and the production of real clothing. These are copied digital products offered for sale online, such as female avatars and their fictitious accessories and environments, as well as the advertising elements on the websites selling these products, such as slogans and licence agreements. From these elements, a limited series of dresses, jumpers and scarves has been produced. These garments are thus a translation of digital information into knitted analogue material, with each garment specifically representing the inactive poses on the avatar sales websites. This work is mainly concerned with stereotypes related to the representation of women’s bodies and their functions in virtual universes. In a later phase, these jumpers are interpreted by the professional dancer Zina Vaessen, who interprets the poses of the virtual avatars transferred into the garments in a contemporary dance. The videos of the dances are published on the HEK’s social networks, closing – or rather multiplying – the loop between the virtual and the real. Through these multi-layered actions of translation, feedback and reintroduction into new media, these avatars can be reactivated by the audience, who can buy the garments and wear them in turn. The garments are offered for sale on this website:

trailer, my ladies – HEK Net Works, HD 16:9, audio, 1 : 26 min, 2021

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