In her work, Katrin Niedermeier reflects the entanglement of the “real”, analogue world with the virtual space and the influence of digital technologies on human condition.

Her mixed-media installations ( animation, installation, video and painting) are thereby resulting extended forms of subjective spaces and habitat, showing multiple alter egos and investigations of changing reception and emotion as part of an evolving networked society.

By diluting the border between fiction and reality and opening the space to the unknown, her work  is redefining the understanding of human, nature and machine, their interconnectivity and interaction.

Based on extended research, rendered images and experimental sound recordings she creates various narrative spaces and refers critical to possible complex of problems of this utopian worlds by questioning: fiction? reality? At the same time her work is stimulated by this great possibilities of the newest technical developments introduced into our analogue world.

The use of different medias such as animation, painting and installation reflect this encounter by transferring it into the actual space itself as a physical experience, in dialogue with machines and humans, between intuition and reflection and its immersion.



exhibitions and screenings

2022 Galerie 3000, Bern, PROGR

2022 Kunstmuseum Gegenwart, Basel, fun feminism, “I only feel pretty when I have my ovulation”

2021 HEK Net Works, online

2021 Swiss Interactive Sessions 2021, Geneva, podcast, “my melody II”

2021  24.10 – 07.11. Werkbeitrag, Kunsthalle Basel , Basel, “betty body bought a bit of better belly”, curated by Eva-Maria Knüsel

2021 on – curating, Zürich, “my melody II”, curated by Ronald Kolb a.others

2021   Zona Mista, London, “my melody”, curated by Nicole Tatschl

2021  Liste, Art Fair Basel,  Videoanimation for the 25th anniversary of Liste Basel, in cooperation with HGK Basel, “virtual retrospection”, curated by Johanna Kamm

2021 CADAF, crypto und digital art fair, Paris, „my melody“, curated by Soliman Lopez

2021 Kaserne Klingental „ the shop“

2021 Harddiskmuseum, group exhibition, “Tech Art Lab _ Session 1 _ Brazil -Switzerland”, curated by Gabriela Maciel

2020 HeK, Basel: group exhibition, „Expanded Video Works“, „h.o.m.e.“, curated by Boris Magrini

2020/21 FITART – CONNECTED IN ISOLATION , „F.r.@.m.e.“, 16. 6. 2020 – 16. 6. 2021, curated by Chus Martinez

2020 Photo Kyiv fair, Woman‘s Eye, animation „reality island is elsewhere“, curated by Carole Glauser Pidoux

2020 Kunstlokal Rheinfelden, group exhibition, CGI‘ s

2020  Digital Festival, DA-Z, Zürich, screening, „reality island is elsewhere“

2020 Forum Kunst Rottweil, Kunst im Setzkasten, “be my idle idols”, 2020

2020 Pylon Lab, Dresden, Installation, reality island is elsewhere, game III

2020 AOS, Arebyte On Screen, London

2020 Tarmak 22, Gstaad, group exhibition “the sunrise sings”, video installation “reality island is elsewhere”

2020 Corona Kino, HGK Basel https://institut-kunst.ch/corona-kino/, screening, “h.o.m.e.”, 2020

2020 Palazzina, Basel: group exhibition “Katrin Niedermeier & Co”, multi media Installation, “idle idol monika”

2020 Pleasure zone, Off-space Basel, virtual exhibition, 360 degree video, “idle idol”

2019 Galerie für Gegenwartskunst, E-WERK Freiburg: group exhibition “I and the Machine” curated by Dr. Heidi Brunnschweiler

2019 Stapflehus, Weil am Rhein: group exhibition “Dress Code”, curated by Martin Hartung

2019 Kunstverein Hochreihn, Villa Berberich: group exhibition and curation ” Denk Mal”

2019 HEK, Basel: group exhibition “Avatare, Doppelgänger und allegorische Landschaften”, curated by Boris Magrini

2019 Ausstellungszentrum “Kaliningrad Museum of Fine Arts “, Kaliningrad: group exhibition “videocity Basel – Kaliningrad” curated by Andrea Domesle

2019 October 10th 2pm, video screening , Women on Earth as part of the symposium series Women in the Arts and Leadership. Master symposium 9 – 10 October 2019, 10 am – 5 pm (open to the public),  Tower Building Auditorium D 1.04 Art Institute, FHNW Academy of Arts and Design in Basel, showing transarcadia 6.1, 2018

2019 September 28th Screening, TBA21–Academy, The Current II, Chus Martínez, Convening #2: Phenomenal Ocean, Ocean Space, Venice, 2019 showing “transarcadia 5.1”

2019 Kunsthaus Baselland: group exhibition “i-hood”, curated by Filipa Ramos and Chus Martinez, video animation “reality island is elsewhere”

2019 “blooming” at Hidden Bar, Art Basel, Basel, curated by Hannah Weinberger, Judith Kakon and Alice Wilke

2019  Ewha Media Art Presentation, (EMAP), Seoul: „color your color“ Videoscreening, „transacadia 4.3“

2018 Shadok, Strasbourg: group exhibition “Hyperconscience”, “transarcadia 4.3”, surround sound, two channel-video installation, curated by Marine Froeliger and Michel Jacquet

2018  Atelier Mondial, Basel: group exhibition “trans environmental exercises, “, curated by Ivan Isaev, sound-installation “transarcadia 3.3”

2018 Room 103, Ausstellungsraum Klingenthal: group exhibition “Kurs”, curated by Martin Chramosta, Alice Wilke, Jakub Jansa, Peter Fritzenwallner, two channel-video installation “transarcadia 2.3”

2018 LOEWE, Kulturnacht Lörrach, Weil am Rhein: live performance, “transarcadia 1.3″, curated by Tonio Passlick, installation, animation, performance

2018 Bollag-Areal, Basel: group exhibition ” My life so far in 10 years”, curated by Max Philipp Schmid und Philipp Gasser, animation “pique dame, Nr.6”

2017 HEK, Basel: Regionale 18: group exhibition “silicon is a grey crystal”, curated by Boris Magrini, installation “blooming”

2017 Kunsthalle Basel: Regionale 18: group exhibition “OOO Object Oriented Ontology“, curated by Andreas Angelidakis, animation “shift of perception” ,”wonderworld”

2017 Kunsthaus Langenthal, 25 Jahre: animation “blooming”

2017 Exil-Ausstellungsraum Klingental, Kasernenstrasse 34, Basel: group exhibition, curated by Bruno Steiner, “Summe 2017”, animation “pyrotoxin”

2017 Projektrum M54, Basel: group exhibition “Nachtflimmern”, animation “wonderworld”

2017 Oslo night 2017, Basel: installation “pyrotoxin”

2017 Kunsthaus Baselland, Muttenz: group exhibition, Bachelor Thesis, curated by Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev and Chus Martinez installation “s.o.p.”

2017 Stapflehus, Weil am Rhein: curated group exhibition „unsterblicher Garten”, curated by katrin niedermeier, installation „ blooming”, oil paintings

2016 HGK Dreispitz, Basel: group exhibition „basis exhibition“, video installation „wild thing, hello?“

2016 Kulturnacht Lörrach, Stapflehus, Weil am Rhein and off space: curated off space, group exhibition; animation „wonderworld“

2016 Tank, HGK Basel, group exhibition, photography „not defined 1, 2“

2015  Regionale 16, Stapflehus, Weil am Rhein: group exhibition „Das Moment“,painting „digital landscape, night drive and Brooklyn“, curated by Peter Bosshart

2015 10. Kunstwochenende, Villa Zierer, Munich: group exhibition „ Ob- Session“, object „don‘t you think I like it 1, 3“

2015 Kunsthaus Baselland, Muttenz: group exhibition „lockeres denken“, object „don‘t you think I like it 1, 3“, curated by Chus Martinz

2015 Ausstellungsraum Klingental, Basel: group exhibition „When thoughts are replaced by moving images“, painting „night drive“, curated by Deux piece

2015 Penthouse Gallery, Zurich: group exhibition „Irma la douce, revisited“, painting „just before dawn“, curated by Alice Wilke


2019 Master of fine arts, FHNW HGK – Basel

2014 until 2017
Bachelor of fine arts, FHNW HGK – Basel

1998– 2001
École supérieure des arts et techniques de la mode – Munich

Esmod International, Oslo

1989– 1997
Louise– Schroeder–Gymnasium – Munich

work experience

2008– 2013
Head- Designer Jeanne Lanvin – Paris

2008– 2008
Freelance-Designer, René Lezard – Germany

2005– 2008
Head-Designer, Nicholai – Los Angeles

2001– 2005
Designer, John Galliano und Christian Dior – Paris


2021 Nomination Solo Position Kunsthaus Baselland2021 Purchase dotMov.bl – Sammlung Neue Medien Baselland

2021 Kunstkredit Basel-Stadt, Werkbeitrag

2020 Nomination Shizuko Yoshikawa Förderpreis

2020 Promotion Künstleratelier Kaserne Klingental


2001 third price:  “Bauhaus”competition – Swarovski International

2000 first price: Design competition – Triumph

1998 first price: Design competition – Mustang and Amica, scolarship  Esmod Munich

pod cast – artis talks

2021 Swiss Interactive Sessions 2021, Geneva, „my meldoy II“ 2020 Kunstmuseum,Basel “the incredible world of photography”

2019 E-Werk, Freiburg “Soft Violence in Mimicry”

2019 Master symposium Women on Earth

2017 Kunsthalle, Basel “OOO Object Oriented Ontology”

curatorial practice

2020 until today member of artist-run-space „Palazzina“

2018 Regionale 19, Stapflehus Weil am Rhein, „good news“

2018 cultural night LOEWE, Weil am Rhein, curatorial practice for „SoundHaus“

2017 exhibition space Stapflehus, Weil am Rhein: group exhibition „unsterblichr Garten“ 2016 cultural night LOEWE, Weil am Rhein, curatorial practice for „SoundHaus“