idle idol at virtual Pleasure Zone art space


idle idol, 2020, Virtual Pleasure Zone, Basel, 4K, 360°

This animation idle idol is created especially for this virtual exhibition in the art space Pleasure Zone and shows a female avatar bought on the internet, performing different poses in an isolated environment.
The character is acting different poses one after the other in a permanent flow, inspired by generic female idle positions, suggested by standard websites for rigged female avatars.
By isolating and de-contextualising the character from it’s „natural“ environment and heroic action poses, often proposed for it’s category „science fiction“, these exercise-like movements of suggested female positions, show to some extend, it’s absurdity and raises several questions about gender, self-determination and self-construction in a highly technical, virtual environment. Last but not least, reminds us in a certain way of the actual isolating situation we are in at the moment, thrown back on ourselves, self- reflecting.

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