betty body bought a bit of better belly

Foto 1,2 and 4: Moritz Schermbach

performative multimedia-installation, Kunsthalle Basel 2021

this installation transforms the exhibition space into a hybrid experimental room of a fitness centre or showroom.
It invites visitors to follow the performances shown in the animations of the digital “instructors” and to imitate their poses on the yoga mats. The animated characters are female avatars equipped with generic, mostly stereotypical movement sets and offered for sale online. The knitting patterns of the jumpers are based on the avatars’ imagery and digital data and are in turn forced into a rigid pose by the frames.

Methods of consumer-friendly, automated online software and feedback-like work processes are applied within this work and are examined here both formally and in terms of their relevance/capability of reality production. The aesthetics of the exhibition setting, such as the lighting situation, also refers to the interpenetration of the analogue and virtual worlds and makes their mutual construction of reality directly tangible.

exhibition view Kunsthalle basel, 2021

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