“reality Island is elsewhere”


tessa_fake_profilreality island is elsewhere (work in progress)

this new animation with the titel „ reality island is elsewhere“ is about an absurd game called „that quiz“ which is the backdrop for a troubled humanoid character named Rose who tries to find her personal meaning of life within this game.

This sensitive Character, is searching for realness, experiencing reality, body and space through her Avatar Tessa during this particular game while permanently interfering and mixing up her stories and thoughts within.

„Together“ they have to find out what actions to take within the different spaces of the game with its pseudo physicality and representations of meanings, showcased as different chapters in this animation.

Tessa, the Avatar is unaware of Roses issues, stays clearheaded and disconnected from space and deep emotional feelings. Eager to play, she keeps Rose on track, „personal trainer“ alike, encouraging Rose to continue, just as a director would do.

In this animation there is no clear ending or final level to reach as such, as it is played in a constant loop in the exhibition space.

Images, voice over and music are cut in rough and experimental ways over layering and interrupting each other to underline the absurd idea of the game and to enhance the difficulty of this personal project with multiple inner voices being apparent.


video stills “reality island is elsewhere” HD 16:9, sound, loop

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