idle idol sweat shop @ harddiskmuseum

Katrin Niedermeier’s new work entitled “idle idol sweat shop” echoes the methods of consumer-feed back-chains by using the body, the item and the image as shells and vessels. It is to be filled up with experience and meaning, or better said, as knowledge, producing intelligence and future idols that influence our entire lives in the analogue as well as in the digital world. 

These pieces characterise idle poses that are performed by a professional dancer in movement into newly produced and knitted sweaters. Each sweater and its knitted motif is developed and inspired by previously purchased digital characters, avatars, their fictional environment and imagery, but also by explicit wording taken from the receipts of the avatars’ contracts and licenses.

Katrin’s multi-layered performances, shop and videos of this series could be seen as abstract portraits of each sold item. They are filled with meaning and should be experienced by functioning within normative structures rather than disruptive.

This applies by playing ‘feminine’ online presence stereotypes and their image production by using readily available consumer software, copying this methodology for different aspects of this artwork. 

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