This animation is a commentary on collected personal conversations with women and especially mothers during the months of the lock down of the Covid 19 pandemic and shows in a certain way how sensitive the actual status quo of today’s modern working women is.
The animation captures visually and acoustically in an abstract way the state of long-lasting social isolation from the perspective of these women, who seem to resemble the virtual counterparts, their digital figures, the avatars.
These virtual characters are usually designed as optimised and often sexualised female characters and embody regressive stereotypes.

During the time of the lock down, fictional and virtual “exit zones” seemed to be the main means of escaping physical and psychological constraints, meeting human desires and serving as platforms for restoration of self-identification.
This work shows several “cloned”avatars, each in a separate box, repeatedly performing these restrictive suggested poses in loop in an isolated virtual environment.
A main stage describes the so-called “exit zone”.

videostills, h.o.m.e., 2020, animation, HD 16:9, audio, 1:48 min

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