kunsthausbaselland 5

exhibition view, Kunsthaus Baselland, “s.o.p.”, 2017

this installation called ” s.o.p” is about our ever present violence in our today’s life. Changing ones perception to it’s own purpose. You could call it Propaganda! “Backward framing” has an important impact on us and plays a huge role in propaganda. It shows history from a different perspective with small changes of myths, facts and rhetorical twists and can produce a perfectly different perception of the past, creating new realities and meanings with a dangerous outcome.

Entertainment is on of the most effective way of disguising the intent and therefore the most successful propaganda genre.

The dispositif of this installation is that of a comic strip, leading the viewers eye from the animation, towards the oil painting ending at the acrylic plate on the ground.

exhibition views Kunsthaus Baselland, “s.o.p.”, 2017


Animation “shift of perception”, 2017, 65″screen, HD 9:16, audio, 4:00min (variable), loop,

painting “niobe”, 2017, oil on canvas, each 110 cm x 180 cm

blutfleck 1

acrylic plate with artificial grass, 150 cm x 90 cm

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