„Interlacing“ is a sculpture of loose sheets of paper with a epoxy spine.

Paper, a natural product of trees looses  it’s original meaning, appearance and haptic sense by putting it in a new “re-alienated” form. This sculpture stands metaphorical for human appropriation of nature and it’s different significance within it’s new environment. At first glance the sculpture appears to be hard, almost stone like, though, fragile to any exterior influences the sculpture shows its natural origin after all.

Just as the internet, a virtual space for human beings, with it’s multiple layers and hierarchies, a strict “twisted” net of informations and social interactions, still in itself fragile and sensitive to external forces.


exhibition view, HGK Dreispitz, basis exhibition”, 2016

“interlacing“2016, paper, epoxy, 23 cm x 30 cm x 45 cm



linkshinten sockelweissvorne



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