“blooming” at Hek

Hek_Gina Folly

exhibition view, HEK Basel, “blooming”, 2017, photography by Gina Folly

installationvideo of “blooming’ at the Hek, 2017

this animation “blooming” links metaphorically the garden of Versailles during the reign of louis XIV with our todays internet, a place of “controlled” communication, economical blossom and new subjectivities. “blooming”, 2016, HD 16:9, audio, 2:06 min, loop

installation “blooming”, 2017 at the Hek, Basel Dreispitz during Regionale 18:

“Silicon Is a Grey Crystal”

3-channel video and audio installation, floor-object pvc with fake grass

geomatric view

 videostill “blooming”, 2016, HD 16:9, audio, 2:06 min, loop


videostill “watertank”, 2017, HD16:9, audio, 11:17 min, loop and

videostill “monitored game 2”, 2017, HD 16:9, 1: 41 min, loop

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