“blooming” at Hek


installation “blooming”, 2017 at the Hek, Basel Dreispitz during Regionale 18:

“Silicon Is a Grey Crystal”

3-channel video and audio installation, floor-object pvc with fake grass

geomatric view

 videostill “blooming”, 2016, HD 16:9, audio, 2:06 min, loop

this animation “blooming” links metaphorically the garden of Versailles during the reign of louis XIV with our todays internet, a place of “controlled” communication, economical blossom and new subjectivities. “blooming”, 2:06 min

videostill “watertank”, 2017, HD16:9, audio, 11:17 min, loop and

videostill “monitored game 2”, 2017, HD 16:9, 1: 41 min, loop

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