“transarcadia 4.3”

The animation “transarcadia” combines Greek mythology with storytelling, surround sound and stereo sound, taken from found footage material and audio recordings

The immersive impact of this installation stimulates a subjective and immediate experience of „reality“ and oscillates between intuition, reflection, fact and fiction.

The work transarcadia  represents for the artist less an enclosed work of art, than a necessary mutual reaction that offers an ongoing series of open possibilities.

“transarcadia 4.3”,2018, 2-channel HD video, 32:9, audio, 11:33 min, 2018

Mankind and its search for a place where all questions are answered and all yearnings are satisfied. The so called Arcadia, an earthly place of total happiness and love.

In greek mythology the sphinx is a figure which terrorizes humankind by keeping goal of a riddle. Even nowadays it seems to hide some treasures of huge importance for the understanding of the human race.

Oedipus seems to solve its riddle on his way to Thebes, human existence and its human condition.

Immortality, artificial recreation as much as Artificial Intelligence  are hardly any speculative future fantasies, but determine our longings of modern mankind.

Getting past the human condition.

Would this lead to the fulfillment of all longings?

Or will mankind find itself in an even harder earthly misfortune than does Oedipus in its myth or the voices that Tchaikovsky  resurrects in his music. 


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